As far as I know, the most robust, free solutions for recording streams of all types today are MPlayer and VLC. Both require some command line arguments which, for many users, would be difficult to use (and find!). In addition, they do not cater to many streaming needs. For that reason, I created StreamRecorder.NET – a free, open source windows GUI front end for several programs (most notably MPayer and VLC), that provides the following features:

  • Records, joins and post processes stream using the tools you choose – recommended defaults are supplied
  • Full Command Line Interface (CLI) allowing scheduling and automation
  • Keeps the recording process alive (restarting when necessary)
  • Time stamps file names to avoid overwrites
  • Logs recorder output to file
  • MP3 and Windows Media easy presets
  • Complete Tool tip coverage explaining all functionality

Enjoy !

Main window (see sourceforge for more screenshots)

If you have feature requests or bug reports, please use the appropriate mechanisms here:

(This has also been posted on the VideoHelp forums)

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35 Responses to “StreamRecorder.NET”

  1. Avcılar Bilgisayar Teknikservis Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Dan Gibson Says:

    You’ve done a fantastic service for all of us. This supplies my needs perfectly!

    Thanks much.

  3. ohadsc Says:

    Glad you liked it !

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  5. SB Says:

    It seems this no longer installs. I’m using .NET version 4. and get the error:
    “Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application”

    when trying to install this program.

  6. ohadsc Says:


    I doubt it’s an issue in StreamRecorder.NET since it hasn’t changed in a long time

    Try this link:

  7. SB Says:

    In case this helps anyone:

    I was not able to run StreamRecorder.NET on a clean installation of .NET version 4.
    According to this blog post,

    I needed to install .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 on top of version 4 to get StreamRecorder.NET to run.

    Works fine now.

  8. Dmitry Says:

    Hello. I think your application is great. But can you make a checkbox or command line key for not using template system for file naming ?

    I need to record to file c:\1234567890.ts for example. I can’t do it now :(

  9. Jo Boxer Says:

    I’ve got Windows 7 with .NET installed and can record audio but not video.

    Can someone provide a step-by-step guide on how to get it working using VLC?


    • ohadsc Says:

      What is the URL you’re trying to capture ?
      What happens when you try to capture it ?
      There’s not supposed to be any difference between video and audio capturing…

      • Dubya Says:

        G’Day ohadsc,

        I am having a similar challenge when trying to record a video using VLC. I am running on a Windows 7 – 64 bit system.

        I am using a small clip that I found on the web to test StreamRecorder.

        StreamRecorder plays the clip without any problems but it hangs when I attempt to record it. The program does create 2 output files; an 80Kb .mp3 file and the log file.

        I terminate StreamRecorder after a few minutes by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

        The log file contains 2 lines:-

        17/03/2013 2:10:23 PM Running command:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe –demux=dump –demuxdump-file=”C:\TEMP\DjYogi-PSY-2013.03.17-″ -I no_gui



      • ohadsc Says:

        Hi David,

        You’re not using the right URL. You should use the URL of the stream (use Fiddler or URL Snooper to detect it), not the page.

        In your case it’s either:

        [video src="" /]


        [video src="" /]

        However, it seems neither Mplayer nor VLC support this format (maybe try CCCP).

        In any case, you don’t need StreamRecorder.NET to download them, simply paste the URL in the browser.

      • David Warncken Says:

        G’Day ohadsc,

        Thank you for the explanation. It is SO obvious when I really think about it. However it is interesting that VLC will play some clips when URL of the page id plugged into its Open Network Stream … dialogue.

        Also thanks for the tips about Fiddler and URL Snooper. I will investigate these further.

        And thanks for StreamRecorder. I see it as a possible solution to some future challenge when I will want to record a one-off event streamed on the net at a time when I won’t be near my computer.

        Cheers, David.

      • ohadsc Says:

        Hi David,

        It appears the links I gave you before were incorrect, please disregard them.

        The simplest way to download from such sites (youtube, dailymotion, etc.) is through services such as KeepVid:

        For (scheduled) stream recordings, StreamRecorder.NET could indeed be helpful.


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  12. David Says:

    I was looking for a program that would let me schedule mplayer recordings, and I was ecstatic when I installed StreamRecorder and realized it uses mplayer as a backend. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program. It is exactly what I wanted.

  13. Matthew Says:

    I tried to record live streaming from the site . does not record because streaming url can not be identified. I’d appreciate any solution. Thanks.


  14. silvie Says:

    i cannot uninstall it…..i always get this msg:”internal error cannot call extracttemporaryfile function during uninstall” – windows 7 professional.thx.silvie

    • ohadsc Says:

      You must be confused – StreamRecorder.NET does not come with an installer. You can’t “install” it, you just run it.

      • silvie Says:

        NOW I’m really confused ;) …. I can see the StreamRecorder.Net in my Programms list and also the possibility “Uninstall StreamRecorder.Net”….it is also listed in Windows “programms and functions”…I can send you a screenshot…

      • ohadsc Says:

        Yes, I’d like to see a screenshot. Upload it to some site like:

        Where did you download the installer? Does the program look like the one in the screenshot in this post?

  15. Gerald Says:

    When I try to uninstall the program I get the error message Runtime Error at (15:12742): Internal Error: Cannot call “EXTRACTTEMPORARYFILE” function during uninstall. When I was installing the program the only anomally that I encountered was that during the speed test my antivirus software said that a threat was detected and I requested that it repair it. It was AVG any way I can uninstall the program? I get the same result if I go through control panel or the uninstall included with the program.

  16. Ralph Says:

    I’m getting the same issue as Silvie and Gerald. I can’t recall where I downloaded but what can we do to remove it?

  17. LC Says:

    Same issue! Definitely downloaded from Still appears in programme list. Same error message as others.

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